Pyro Engraving

We offer a FREE pyro-engraving service available on all of the love spoons.

The Pyro-Engraving onto the spoons is carried out by hand, unlike many of the other spoons sold over the internet, which are laser etched engravings

Pyro-engraving on a spoon turns it into a totally unique Celtic and Welsh gift; it also personalises the spoon to make it special to the recipient. Pyro-engraving on the back of the bowl of a love spoon or on the front of a solid heart, can be especially useful in conveying a message at times special to you or your loved ones.

PLEASE NOTE…The pyro engraving “shows up”more clearly on the light coloured spoons.

PLEASE NOTE …..If you click on any photo it will be enlarged.

PLEASE NOTE…The solid heart &/or the bowl may be engraved….( NO ENGRAVING ON THE STEM OF THE SPOON )