About Ken & Welsh Love Spoons

Ken  started making love spoons in 1975 and continued for 9 years when he had to give up due to family business commitments. In 1998 it became possible to resume making Welsh love spoons and to start his business once again.

He follows in the steps of his father and grandfather, both of whom enjoyed wood carving. They used to make walking sticks, with carvings on the handles.

Ken uses lime wood from trees sourced from Britain and Wales ,for his lovespoons. He makes each Welsh love spoon from one piece of wood.

He draws out the shape of the love spoon and cuts it out of the plank of wood, carving out the bowl and other shapes specific to the particular design before sanding it, staining it with either a light or a dark stain and finishing the Welsh love spoon by waxing twice and polishing.