Welcome to Crefftau Ken’s Welsh Love Spoons

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All Ken’s Welsh Love Spoons are hand carved by Ken Jones in Wales.

All of the wooden welsh love spoons may be personalised by pyro-engraving them by hand with a message and/or a couple of names and a date.The spoons are made from lime wood and are available in either a light or a dark stain.

The tradition of hand carving welsh love spoons goes back to the seventeenth century.Ken’s welsh love spoons are hand carved from lime wood,then stained,waxed twice and then polished. Welsh love spoons make wonderful personalised gifts and may be given to celebrate occasions such as engagements, weddings, births, Christenings, birthdays, graduations, Christmas, Valentines day, and Anniversaries, especially 5th WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES.

PRESENTATION BOXES are available for all of the spoons,in either red or black

Each  love spoon is totally hand carved by Ken in Wales, unlike many   spoons on the market which are mass produced “carbon copies”.  As a result of each welsh love spoon being individually hand-made it will have its own character and no two  spoons will be exactly the same.

Welsh love spoons are one of the most traditional and unique Celtic or Welsh gifts available,especially for 5th wedding anniversaries.